Ciao, World!

It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!

Launching a portfolio involves a lot of soul-searching, caffeine overdoses and pruning. And plenty of tears to try to make WordPress work as you’d like to.

I’ve decided to strip most of the assets and left the bare essentials to give centre stage to the process and the projects. It is still unpolished to me but it’s definitely better than the rolling tumbleweed I used to have on this domain. 😄

Oh, there is even an animation!

Wow! Look at that, there is a mockup!

In the near future, there’ll be plenty of work in progress, tips and tricks for fellow designers, think pieces and lots of freebies (did anyone say FREE FONTS?).

If you’d like to get in contact just drop me a line, most of the times I’m a kind human! ✌️