Kode x Dalston Chillies

The Story

A series of limited edition hot sauces created in partnership with Dalston Chillies & Kode Media.

The label was designed using the restrictions as focal points: the print had to be monochromatic and the chilli shape is precut on the label, to overcome these I decided to give centre stage to these features and play with simple motifs that would highlight it the expanding sensation felt after getting in contact with such fieriness.

The design for the hot sauce describes the expanding kick of heat through a series of abstract handmade patterns.
An iterative process and quick prototypes have been fundamental in order to deliver the project in the shortest period of time while maintaining constant contact with the client needs.
Liquid lava with lots of love.
I designed a series of tote bags to provide the perfect complement to the hot sauces.
A selection of the variations created to convey the brand’s distinctive energetic approach through a range of hand-drawn patterns. The same iterative approach has been used in order to deliver fast and accurate solutions.